Years Missing

by Old And Gray

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I'm writing a song a week for all of 2014.
The entire thing is going function as one big continuous album. Each song is going to be a story, and each song will also continue the story that precedes it.


released 01 January 2014



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Old And Gray Berkeley

Old And Gray is currently working on a live set. Expect to see and hear Kevin Blanquies on Bass, Braden Young on Drums and Buddy Hale on Vox and Guitar in the near future . Please enjoy the music and MAKE SURE TO PASS IT ON TO YOUR FRIENDS .

If you would like to join the band as official lighting person second drummer, effects adjuster , or sound person . . . send us a message .
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Track Name: Scene 01
You seem fine with all those dead guys; it’s the living ones you have trouble with.

The hardest part of all of this is seeing my part in it. In looking back at the time I spent pushing the weight on you.

You seem fine with breaking patterns
You seem alright with changing history
It’s the scars that I grow that you have trouble with
It’s the lies that I’ve told that you have trouble with

The hardest questions to ask are the ones we choose not deal with, to hear, to feel.

You seem fine with squashing your feelings.
You seem all right with a thousand distractions.
It’s the feeling of loss, that you have trouble with.
It’s the cutting in two, that I can’t deal with.

The hardest questions to ask are the ones we choose not deal with, to hear, to feel.
Track Name: Scene 02
Hey kid, how you doing?
Me, I’m better than bundle of bees.
You see, I'm moving forward, with nowhere to go but back and forth.
I hate to blast, but can I crash at your pad for a day or two or three?
If not, that’s cool, but you better not say you saw me!

And hey, Old Man, shut up , you’re just a dead soul.
I know, cause I sold, every single part of me.
Now I’m you, and you’re me.
We both have a mind jump into
The waves, and the next chapter of this ride into the night.
Track Name: Scene 03
I’ve lost the feel for this.
So I chew the scraps you left.

Who can explain the way we are?

My head wont reconnect,
So I choose to bury it.

Who can explain the way we are?

I’m lost inside my self
I best let go of all of it.
I made a choice that cut us both.
And became the one you hate the most.

I can’t explain my way.

I, I say things I don’t believe.
And I react in spite of me.

Who can explain the way we are?
Track Name: Scene 04
I found him curled up on the grass,
Tucked in to keep the outsides out.
Sharing his view to the air, and the breeze and passers by.
But no one would hear,
And no one would see
And no one would fill

Into the cusp, into the other side,
That’s not where I’m at at all
You think I’m stuck
Entangled in the end...
Only to spite myself.
I hear the call,
It goes the other way...
I'm not where I’m at at all.
It’s been a blast,
Engaging with your thoughts,
Only to spite myself.

I must admit I’ve had my doubts
That behind those walls, the souls are fine
Staying around to keep safe, and keep clear of the vampire eyes
He’s lost his mind.
He’s gone insane.
He’s going with pride.
Track Name: Scene 05
“Well it seems we're back again.
I wonder what there’s between us both.”

“I need to leave
My thoughts are not my own
Soon I’ll be so far gone
I wont remember me.”

“I know exactly what you mean.
My life is also spinning out of control.”

“I don’t know who you are
I wont pretend to care
You think you understand
Well I really hope you're wrong.”

“My guess is, there’s something inside there
That has a tight grip, wrapped around you.”

“My thoughts are not own.
I feel insanity
I take it out on myself
I fight with everything”
Track Name: Scene 07
As I sit beneath the moon, I pray to catch a whisper. I dream it nestles gently in my ear, laced with the sweet tones of outer space and a dash of love. The faint sound of life passing by, rattles in the adjacent room and sends a blast of insincerity further into myself than I have ever known.

I caught a glimpse of what, of what I thought would come.
But that’s just not the game, it’s not the game you're playing.
Track Name: Scene 08
She who kisses and kills without thoughts;
Well she’s the one on that kisses and kills without thoughts.
While I'm the one who’s tripping on circular thoughts
And I'm the one who’s watching my love become lost.

I'm the artist, the crazy lover
I'm reaching out to all the wrong places.
I can’t explain it; I'm just about to take the short cut out of this place.

When I'm up above life, I feel it squeeze the shape away.
I'm above myself.
I'm seeing from above. I'm seeing lights.
Oh hell! I'm seeing seeing seeing seeing life from above.
I'm old now. and I’m seeing seeing seeing seeing life from above myself.
Track Name: Scene 09
I appreciate our talks
I find they’re clear; they have weight, and break the mirror.

We pull the dance out of our age,
And make our minds way more lucid.

I smell the air,
I breathe I’m alive.
I let the world into my skin.
I’m layer, am an action.

Sing out loud
Let them stare
Pull them in
Try to share
In this moment
Track Name: Scene 10
If you're craving
Or with wanderlust,
(Though I’m sure it’s beyond us)

Cause the tiniest of change
And the pawns are among us.

Would it bring you back around?
If we swallowed
The hallow?

But if they send you
Or move you,
You’d feel closer to the rest of us.

If the world tries to keep you down
You run wild.

If you dare to
Come around with us
(Though I’m sure you're beyond us)

Could you turn it back around?
If we let go
And just let you.

It happens right before our eyes.
And we like it,
Cause we made it so.

It’s a half sin
And it’s parting smiles;
And it’s changing every inch of us.
Track Name: Scene 11
We bite
We move
We squeeze because
We’re born unto a road
We float around
And smile because
The road is strange some days

And here I am
And there’s the night
Its back again to say hello
It spins around
And tries to share
A hidden symphony

We bite
We move
We squeeze because
We’re born unto a road

Where a sixth dimension: cuts
And it stole my vision: once

And here I am
And there’s the night
Its back again to say hello
It spins around
And tries to share
A hidden symphony
Track Name: Scene 14
There’s an asshole drinking, he's about to see the way he was back then. And there’s a punch line coming but it never hits your ears even though it's crystal clear.

You can keep all my skin.

There’s a witch inside she's about to blow the roof off this entire secret.
And I feel the itch in every inch and its safe to say

You can keep all my skin.

And the noise I’m hearing it's about to disappear and I cant explain the way it goes to pieces once again. I’m forgetting everything.

You can keep all my skin.

This shit is overrated, it's about to cave in. I'm contemplating the way this life moves.
But I can’t explain to you if you'll never hear the truth.

You can keep all my skin.