Dream Up The Words

by Old And Gray

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    Old And Grays "Dream Up The Words" is heart palpitations, thinned percussion falling gently against fragile, insect like layers of melody.

    For fans of Nine Inch Nails And Animal Collective !

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All music written and recorded by Old And Gray .


released January 1, 2012




Old And Gray Roseville, California

Old And Gray is currently building a new band.
Looking for:

two drummers
two rhodes players

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Track Name: Overwhelmed
overwhelmed by the feeling of something holding on forever

for comfort

underwhelmed and without amount
but grasping on to foresight for all future time
for union and a bed of roses .
Track Name: Get Rid Of It
get rid of it . i want all of it gone . so i cant feel a thing .

its been ohh ten , or maybe fifteen days .
what a weird (strange) place (side) im
finding as the time winds (goes) on

what to do , and where to go (to)

cant make nice thoughts
can be a bad man
cant find me no more
can hold myself down
im to busy holding everything (else) down
in a world of myself

i dont want to confuse you
maybe i should just let you go
Track Name: Queens
tighten the turnequitte
the turniquettes getting tighter .
its turning red
its sureley yet by now

squeez out the unwelcome liquid
sifted it untill it sat well with our meal.
wahed our memories away
then fell into sleep .

remember nothing on purpose
don't fail to forget the insides

dust trails out (the rusty incisions)
must decide which drawer to store (trust decisions)
from the vile (i will take a tear full)
tested in tubes (to build a cheerful one)
Track Name: Loosing Pride
you swear you were on the right side
but i caught you taking lessons
from the big dark beasts

and you said you wouldn't ever loose your pride
but it was such a mistake
Track Name: Somewhere Sacred
i just fucked up real bad

what am i gonna do with this mess

this little guy is on the board
he's seen better days .
i can tell that no one is gonna bring his life back around and up a bit .
Track Name: Swim In The Wind
What a dark and gray Saturday today has been
My doors been shutting out all of the braves
Whats next ?
Who will be the next to wrap upon my window SILLLLL
Who will be the next to fall down the stairs
and make my door shake some more , and roll
change colors like a fist feasting on a bowl of paint

he was falling down today
it met the street and pushed the world aside

I drink your tears ,
I heat them up .
Pour them into a cup
And toast your luck . and love .
Don’t be sad no more .

( Eeek )

Did you see light today ?
Did you spin around a pole ?

I believe you have .
Track Name: Swim In The Sky
swim in the sky fly in the sea and eat up the dirt that mountains in me and swim in the lies and hide in the sea a desert grows beneath the breeze we hope to find our minds our lives our minds our lives our minds our lives our minds our lives i'll say what do you know .
Track Name: I Feel The Change
i want to change the way you feel
and want to cage the wave you change
i want to mask the way you hide
and hide the mask you think is brave

you loose some
to gain some

you smashed up the ground some
and puddles run away from you
and everyone can gain some

i saved the rhyme
you wrote in mud
and want to read it
over wine
while the sand is buzzing by

turn the lights down
oh no !
again ! ? ! ?

i feel the change
its coming on .

i feel the wings
they're coming on

i feel the wieght
its coming on .

and i feel the change
its coming on .
Track Name: Overwhelmed v.2
overwhelmed by the feeling of something holding on forever

for comfort