Music To Leave To

by Old And Gray

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    Acoustic songs for a night ride !

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All Song Written, Performed, And Recorded by Old And Gray


released May 1, 2010

thanks to everyone who has purchased this album. and thanks 1019 records for helping with promotion.




Old And Gray Roseville, California

Old And Gray is currently building a new band.
Looking for:

two drummers
two rhodes players

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Track Name: The Best Smasher
You find the way that works best for you. Then blow away the world thats wrapped up in all your cunning beauty. But no one sees and no one knows your secrets.

You move just like someone I loved. But you cut in ways I've never felt before. Cause you smash their minds and bathe in sunshine.
Track Name: Laurain
Laurain, it's pouring again and its tragic that you're soaked to the bone. I'd love if you'd just go. I understand and I don't care, cause I won't be here too long... considering the scheme of things. The walls might come undone, but I'd rather keep the distance there.

I'm sure you're quite the norm, but I seem to think you're the devil's own. I doubt our roles will change, but if they did I would screw you hard. If words could be undone, I would make you fucked and erase you well. It's odd to trace things back... things happen when you say hello.

A voice, a vain, the force of things.
You knew a girl, her name, her smell.
A voice, a vain, the course of things.
You knew a boy, his name, his hugs.