Picturesque Moments

by Old And Gray

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Picturesque Moments was a two year work in process . I intended to make the fuzziest album possible and learned a lot about how difficult that is . The album is a celebration of my one remaining memory of a friend I lost within the last year .


released October 29, 2012

Old And Gray All The Way.




Old And Gray Roseville, California

Old And Gray is currently building a new band.
Looking for:

two drummers
two rhodes players

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Track Name: You Knew
You Knew

Did you know you’re my lover? Well at least in my mind. You’ve gone so much higher than anything in this world. Has life left you tired of trying to explain to the world that it sucks.

DId you know that you suck?

Did you know you’re a mother. Well at least part time. You’ve got so much to offer yet you just sit back and watch as things fade and expire. Just the same you’re smiling.

Did you know that you suck?
Track Name: Call It Off
Call It Off

I never really know the way to deal with the coming world. Another new year has gone again and patiently I ran. I didn’t like the way you felt but it happens every single time. I got in line with the other punks that grace us on every street.

Would you ever call it off at night? Did you ever feel the pain of calling it by its name. I didn’t hear the things you wanted. I didn’t know where I was. I couldn’t answer all your love without the perfect way to make it right.

I took a long ride with them in a bad way.

You make it out right. It seems you knew that the future holds strong. To rules and uptight fools that start fights in bars that don't cry. If we deny what comes with no mind what could that bring? A cover of moon, a washing of night, a rising of new?

Were you ever reminded of the way i bet you’d see the light? Would you ever admit I was on even if it felt wrong?
Track Name: Hey Charles
Hey Charles

Hey Charles why do your eyes look so strange and wild?
What's going through your mind?
Do you feel like number one?

Hey Charles where's the smile?
I wonder what on earth you see.
Is your life cold steel fading away right in front of you?
Track Name: I Wish
I Wish

I wish that i could find a way to repay your kindness and your smile. I think it saves you from yourself.

I wish that I could find a way.

While pulling teeth from my wrist a spinning body takes my place. And every move that you breathe begins to taste afraid.

I wish that I could a way to get past and never ever think to look back. They’ll hide thoughts better than I ever would have thought. He saved what no one ever wanted to look at. Eyes avoid the real beast.

Find home find home find home find home find home find home find home find home .

Repent rebuild invent rebirth incest inject repeat regress and fade.

To crimes that sink the stars tonight.
Track Name: It's Alright
It’s Alright

It’s alright, you’ve moved on.
It’s alright cause you’ve been 25 for days.
It’s all cool. You’ve grown with ease.
It’s all fine, because you have everything but me.

Cut something, forget to rise this morning.

It’s alright, you’re thunder.
It’s alright, coming from a monster's cave.
It’s all gray and booming.
It’s all gray, while losing track of perfect you.

Cut something, forget to rise this morning.
Well someday your life will give you something.
And someday your life will tell you something ... for me.

Further down.
Bleakly up.
Towards the lost.
Or next to me.
Track Name: Touch

Just don’t let go girl, I’m caught up in you.
As wild as it seems, I’d gift you my heart
(cause you’re my super freak)

Just don't let girl, just rip the world apart.
Cause each time you cure you redefine the art inside you and me.
(you’re my super creep)
Track Name: Protons Dance
Protons Dance

You’re too nice.
It’s overboard.
And protons dance around your eyes.

You made it so we all can land.
To sip the good and love the mist.

Your tune, it helps to mend the little boy around the bend.

You watched it rain on a wild day.
On a nice ride you stopped the world.
And it rained down and it didn’t matter.
You got out into the wild and you looked around.
You saw earth,
you saw water,
you saw gray in the sky.
As the earth met the beach in a mysterious way.
It fell down into you and you liked it.
It was a picturesque moment.
Track Name: Unusable Love
Unusable Love

Over a lifetime you have unusable love from pouring over things you should let go of. And on this day I can see from your face you were burning up like her pictures and love notes. Because back in the day anything she made you would fill you up like the first time she kissed you.

It does you in,
you spiral far away.
It comes on way too strong.

That's unusable love.

Forty days and forty night there's crazy bitches running away with your heart again. You never knew, you couldn’t see. You were too young, now you’re a mess.

It does you in,
you spiral far away.
It comes on way too strong.

That's unusable love.

Love. By and by this might not change, but you never know if you close your eyes.
Track Name: The Green In Me
The Green In Me

The green in me doesn’t matter anymore
(cause no one feels).
The blue in you doesn’t show through your smile
(cause no one sees).
The green in me doesn’t matter anymore
(cause no one sees).

Closing my eyes,
watching the colors grow
in the shape of a trail
just beneath your pretty feet.
Thinking about life
and where we all go.
I can’t comprehend
so fuck it all.

Cause no one appears.

I'm dotting the sky,
which never ends.
But maybe we fall back to earth
when it rains...
to sink in the soil
and water ourselves.
This ocean of souls
is a river of sand.

But no one agrees.